Client: North Lincolnshire Council
Contracts Manager: Andrew Kelsey
Site Manager: Rob McMahon

This certainly proved to be one of the trickier projects in our portfolio for 2018. Built on a small confined site with difficult access, beside a free-flowing beck and in close proximity to a live severn trent sewer it was fraught with issues to overcome. The buildings foundations consisted of screw piles due to the unstable soils in the upper layers. A ring beam and pile arrangement was installed carefully so as not to interfere with the live drain. Appropriate way-leaves and permits were required to be able to construct the substructure design The shell works consisted of a mixture of facing brickwork and timber cladding together with large sections of aluminium curtain wall to permit the use of large glazing to view the local beck.

The building has been occupied by north lincolnshire council and a café operates from the facilities at weekends. Similar to another visitor centre we built in Belton, the aspiration is to have local schools visit the centre and use it as space to study the wildlife and nature along the beck.