Client: Shoreline Housing Partnership
Value: £420,000

Contracts Manager: Andrew Kelsey
Site Managers: John Dawson
Quantity Surveyor: Kym Godward-Large

This project was competitively tendered and secured by G.S. Kelsey in April 2015, our third new build site for Shoreline Housing Partnership. The four, two-bedroom, houses were designed for social housing, to the high specification of the new Part L building regulations. The regulations relate to thermal performance and compliance to Code for Sustainable Homes. After a review of the criteria of Code for Sustainable Homes, it was realised that level 4 was easily attainable. So, the client opted to add 1KW producing solar panels to each property to add the required Code points to the scheme. The addition made the level-4 project a first for both Shoreline and G.S. Kelsey Ltd.

The Brick and block construction was filled with 150mm insulation in the cavities, 200mm insulation in the floor and 500mm thick insulation in the roof. The relatively simple construction was complicated by the narrow access and tight site, meaning material deliveries had to be scheduled very carefully. Skilled planning and organisation by the site manager ensured the site was not completely shut off while the 28 meter long driveway was dug up 3 times to install the drainage and mains service.

The land off St Ives Crescent needed a new name, so in collaboration with Shoreline Housing Partnership a competition was launched to gather suggestions for the new names. These options were then submitted to the local postal address officer and St Agnes Mews was born.

G.S. Kelsey was proud to have zero defects reported at hand over for this project, plus a certificate of compliance was also presented to John Dawson from the Considerate Constructors Scheme after being impressed when they visited to the site.