Client: Shoreline Housing Partnership
Value: £544,000

Contracts Manager: Andrew Kelsey
Site Manager: Geoffrey Clipson
Quantity Surveyor: Kym Godward-Large

This was another successful housing project Kelsey’s completed for Shoreline Housing Partnership at Service Road 8, part of the Willows Estate, Grimsby.  After initially being rejected by planning, work started on the former domestic garage site in August 2016. The project of five new contemporary homes included four two bedroom properties and one four bedroom property, with paved patios and gardens to the rear. The houses are traditional brick and block construction with strip foundations

While residents raised parking concerns during construction they were happy with the additional car park spaces provided on completion of the contract. These spaces were provided opposite the front of the houses, along with the development of two grassed verges into 12 parking spaces.

This new development has lifted the area, removing the old garages and providing much needed new housing and car parking for the existing houses surrounding the site.