Client: North Lincolnshire Council
Value: £1,200,000
GS Kelsey: Principal Contractor

Contracts Manager: Andrew Kelsey
Site Managers: Harvey Smith
Quantity Surveyor: Simon Taylor

North Lincolnshire Council’s design and building control teams worked closely with G S Kelsey Ltd senior managers and supply chain to ensure the timely completion of the new state of the art eleven bed young person’s care facility.

The project team had to overcome a variety of issues during the programme, most notably the disruption encountered whilst working within a live environment. Careful traffic planning and site management ensured that the adjacent nature reserve remained accessible throughout the construction phase and inconvenience to the general public was kept to a minimum.

The facility has been built to an exemplary standard using G S Kelsey Ltd own PAYE employees. A purposeful effort was also made to employ local subcontractors and use local suppliers. This has local economic benefits but it also proves to satisfactorily deal with issues surrounding maintenance, deliveries, defect rectification and general customer service as problems during the construction phase and beyond are dealt with in a more expedient manner.

The building comprises of two impressive two-story accommodation “wings” which are linked internally by a single storey administration and office area. Wing A was designed for younger children and consists of seven en-suite bedrooms, two for staff members and five for younger children under the age of sixteen. Wing B was designed for young adults aged 18+ and consists of three Studio apartments and one accessible studio.  Both areas also have lounges, kitchens, store rooms and utility rooms.  There is a secure garden to the rear of the property for the young people to use. This is bounded by an acoustic fence which was specified to reduce the impact of the noise created by the traffic on Scotter Road.

The young people invited to live in the facility were offered the opportunity to look at the drawings and select the colour scheme of the home. This proved effective because when they moved in they appeared to feel more familiar with their surroundings and the colours chosen have made the spaces within the building modern, fun and vibrant.

The facility has been installed with state of the art Electrical systems to ensure the security and privacy of the young people it houses. The complex Biomass Heating system running through the building will help heat the facility efficiently and in the long term economically as the local council are likely to benefit from the governments feed-in tariff associated with the use of renewable energy solutions.

The project was completed on time and within budget thanks to the dedication of all the contracted parties. G S Kelsey Ltd continues to work closely with North Lincolnshire Councils Building Control department. A long history of working together promotes effective communication which goes a long way to helping projects complete successfully for contractor and client.