We have recently been award 3 contracts that will carry on our custom of working from Scunthorpe to Grimsby and everywhere in between.

Projects in Scunthorpe, New Holland and Grimsby will see us work along the Humber for the 7 months. This will bring great opportunities for our local supply chain as the contracts secured are valued at over £2M. With a history of keeping local spend to at least 65p in the £1 there will be well over a £1M worth of work to let to subcontractors and supplier in Humberside and Lincolnshire.

 All three projects will commence in the next 4 weeks and our supply chain are encouraged to contact our surveying teams to register for opportunities.

 The work secured will see us build 12 apartments in Scunthorpe for Haldenby Estates, 5nr new terraced dwellings in Grimsby for Shoreline Housing Partnership and a brand new school extension at New Holland Primary School.